ZenLedger and CoinGecko Announce Partnership

ZenLedger and CoinGecko announce partnership

ZenLedger and CoinGecko have partnered up to provide a discount reward to US-based CoinGecko users for their cryptocurrency accounting and tax preparation. This new reward will help CoinGecko users easily receive tax assistance and accurately complete their cryptocurrency tax reporting. 

ZenLedger is a cryptocurrency tax software and blockchain analytics startup. They are also now an official crypto tax partner of CoinGecko, the world’s leading independent cryptocurrency data aggregator.

Once redeemed, CoinGecko users can easily access the ZenLedger crypto tax platform. They can then import and easily view their crypto trading history, understand their current tax liabilities, and generate tax forms using their preferred accounting method. As a result, both companies can provide even better service to their users and help them stay compliant. This will be helpful when the U.S. tax season officially kicks off on February 12th.

Partnering with ZenLedger is a great and novel way for us to offer our users the opportunity to access the platform and understand their taxes better. We’re happy to help relieve some of the headache that comes with crypto taxes.”

Bobby Ong, Co-Founder and COO of CoinGecko

“We are excited to be CoinGecko’s new crypto tax partner and for the opportunity to help their 6M+ monthly desktop and mobile visitors as well as their current and prospective customers easily manage their crypto accounting and taxes.”

Dan Hannum, COO of ZenLedger

ZenLedger is a Seattle based Fintech startup with 15+ team members. The team has grown revenue and customers by over 500% year over year. Moreover, ZenLedger quickly imports clients’ cryptocurrency trading history, calculates gains and losses, and generates their tax forms. As a result, the cryptocurrency tax startup has helped tens of thousands of investors and tax professionals with tax filings and financial analysis, saving them many labor hours and thousands of dollars. 

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10 thoughts on “ZenLedger and CoinGecko Announce Partnership”

  1. Still too complicated for most amatuer users –we need outside help ! You can say “its a snap” but it is not

    1. Yes, none of the tax programs are simple, not to mention the exchanges themselves. Too much technical stuff for a lay person, especially just beginning and most important…the absolute worst customer service I have experienced in my long life…customer service being practically non-existant in the whole crypto world.

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