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CoinGecko Portfolio Update – Multi Portfolio now available!

cover Multiportfolio

Multi Portfolio – Track ALL your crypto assets!

We’re super stoked to release an update to our much loved Portfolio feature to help you push your edge on the crypto markets – Introducing our brand new Multi Portfolio, now available on both and Mobile App (Android/iOS)! 🙂

What can you do with Multi Portfolio on CoinGecko?

  1. Follow any crypto – Over 6000+ assets, sourced across 400+ exchanges worldwide available for tracking.
  2. Organize – Create as many portfolio lists as you want and label them accordingly. One for long-term holdings, one for short-term, one for shared investment – whatever suits your needs!
  3. Track your trades – Let the app know when, and how much you bought an asset for, and it’ll do the rest of the heavy lifting to let you know what your portfolio value is so you can strategize accordingly.

How to use CoinGecko’s Multi Portfolio?

We made it real simple for you to get started – here’s a quick guide!

Step 1: Log in to your CoinGecko account, or create an account with us (welcome!)

Step 2: Create a new portfolio

Head over to your main Portfolio to create a new portfolio by clicking on the dropdown.

Step 3: Start adding crypto assets to track

Once you have your new portfolio, you can add the assets accordingly! There are two ways to add an asset into your portfolio – 

(i) Click on the ⭐️ of a coin, and you’ll see a dropdown that prompts you to select your preferred portfolio.

(ii) Alternatively, you can also add coins directly through the “Add New Coin” button on the top right corner of each portfolio.

Once you’re done adding coins to the portfolio, you can then start tracking your holdings:

Step 4: Start tracking your holdings – buys, sells or transfers!

For each asset, you can input the transaction type (buy/sell/transfer), amount purchased, price, and date/time. The app will then calculate your holdings value and profit/losses for each asset!

Here’s a look at the dashboard of a portfolio:

And another view when you take a look at an individual asset’s breakdown (all the transactions):

That’s pretty much it! You are now well on your way to optimizing your crypto experience. We hope our new Multi Portfolio feature will become an essential tool for you to keep track of the ever growing crypto markets.

As always, we would really appreciate hearing from you on what we can do to make this feature better for you! Please feel free to let us know how you feel through the “Give Feedback” button (also linked here) on the Portfolio page, or do send us feedback at 🙂


65 thoughts on “CoinGecko Portfolio Update – Multi Portfolio now available!”

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    1. Text me on my USA number on my telegram account to be part of the lucky CoinGecko million dollars winner.

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  1. The new portfolio is great. My big problem is how do you delete a portfolio and more specific how do you delete a coin once it is added

    1. Sanjay S Ratuuri

      Deleting Portfolio:
      Once you are inside your portfolio which you want to delete, just see on the right side just before the “Add new Coin” option you will see three dots, just click on that and you will find delete Portfolio option. Click on it and your Portfolio will be deleted.
      Deleting a Coin in your Portfolio:
      Once your are inside your Portfolio , go to right site of the coin which you want to delete and press on View Transactions (its on the icon “>”” ) and the you will see all entries you have made in that coins, on the right side under the Action heading you will see delete button.


      Sanjay S Ratuuri
      Cell: 9619929918

      1. Does nothing when i click on delete portfolio. No action is taken. Must be a bug as I have tried to delete one of my portfolios and this definitely does not work.

    1. Adding to this – can someone from CoinGecko reply to this? I can’t figure it out and see several other people on this forum who are also confused. Thx

    2. Seanna Price

      If you want to remove when you simply click on the coin again after adding it and it will remove it from your wallet or portfolio

    3. Is there any way to import transactions into portfolio from e.g. Binance, or i need to pinch in hundreds historical lines manually? 🙁

      1. Hi. I would like to enter coins that I have earned through staking or interest payments into my portfolio at the value they were when added to my account so that I can keep track of my portfolio correctly.
        Thank you
        PS Your Portfolio facility is brilliant. Thank you.

    1. GonzoDragon

      I wondered the same thing for awhile but Coin Gecko portfolio isn’t real, it’s like a game to track what you invested in a real crypto wallet or whatever. I’m new to all of this and probably not using the right crypto language, but I’m learning….

  2. I just tried this and it worked. Click the star on the left. It shows box with portfolio name and green tick. Choose the portfolio you want it removed from pressing the green tick. Then it asks do you want to remove coin. Press yes and it says coin removed. You may need to refresh the portfolio to see the coin is removed. Hope it helps

  3. Can I change the name of one of my portfolios which I have created already? I dont want to create a new portfolio just to change name, otherwise its too much work transferring to new one.

  4. I have to agree the UI is not the most intuitive for such an action.

    To remove a coin from portfolio:
    – Click on the star (1st column from the left) and uncheck the portfolio name. You will be asked if you really want to remove the coin.

    1. To rename a portfolio, when viewing it, click the cog next to Add New Coin and you can rename or delete it.

  5. Wonderful feature, I have been using it since launch!
    One thing is still missing though: it would be great being able to move a coin and its transactions from our portfolio to another.

    1. Same here!
      Just created two new portfolios from two different exchanges, and when you add coins already in your “My Portfolio”, the transactions are blank … will have to add it manually all over again.

    2. I would like to have a versatile potential to put crypto from this app and other apps into compatible wallets without worrying during transfers, and copy the data into an offline laptop . I also would like to know which is best Android or IPhone for cellphone mobile apps and if they can be somehow installed in another computer for home?

  6. I want to split my current portfolio but want to avoid adding all transactions again into the new profile but there is no way to do that. The only way is to add the coin and all transaction to the new profile.

    It will be a great addition if you can introduce feature to move one coin from one portfolio to another with all transactions.

    1. Yeah, that would be a really huge acquisition. And the possibility of duplicating the portfolio and thus the possibility of its further supplementation with other coins.

        1. I also would LOVE a ‘duplicate portfolio’ feature !!
          To be able to fork / branch my work that I’ve already done.

          And it seems a quiet easy feature to implement, isn’t it ?

  7. Another feature that I’d appreciate is to load transaction using the csv import of transactions. Adding each transaction manually by selecting date/time and fee and everything makes it quite tedious when a user has high number of transactions.

  8. can anybody confirm that if you add different transactions with different units of exchange i.e. EUR. GBP USDT within the same portfolio the information shown is wrong. Average purchase price and consequent transactions are the same whether you change the currency from EUR to USD or others.

  9. Share Portfolio
    Public watchlist – Holdings and P&L are all hidden by default.
    How to enable them?

  10. How do I export my portfolio to open in excel? I see the option for coin data but not on the portfolio section.

  11. I want my portfolio list and watchlist separate. It seems that every time I add a share they go into both which is not what I want. A watchlist is a watchlist and a portfolio is ones you have actually bought

  12. How do I add Coins or Tokens to my portfolio that I received either thru Earning or staking that I have now received at no cost because I didn’t buy or trade for them? Would like them added to my portfolio is it’ll match what I actually now own in crypto. I’ve looked everywhere but only see either Buy, Sell or Trade but nothing for
    Crypto earned. Thanks, Marc

  13. Will coingecko add a feature to add all user’s coins directly from a user’s wallet address? It becomes very tedious if you have 20+ coins and about 10 to 50+ buy/sell transaction per coin. I keep track of my PNL and each coin’s performance from the beginning purchase date to the current date. It gives me an overall performance of my portfolio.

  14. Lovely layout. Nice to have all my coins in one place.
    I would like to copy holdings from one portfolio to another. For instance copy my “Alt” coin holdings into the master “my portfolio”. Can I do this without re-entering all the info of the trades?

  15. daniel mellicovsky

    i filled my portfolia web based.
    does that sync with the mobile version? or do i have to do it again?

    love the feature!

  16. How can I remove a coin from my list of coins in my portfolio? It seems people keep giving instructions on how to remove a transaction but not remove the coin from the main list. Please help.

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  18. Hello!
    I have a question:
    How does the transfer in/out function work? I just can’t seem to get it right..
    For example, if I’m transferring btc from one wallet to another i have to pay fees. how should i enter this in the portfolio tracker. As it is now im entering it as if i sold the fee amount with zero profit, but then my total price indicator wont show the correct price. how should i do this?


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