CoinGecko Beam Officially Launched

CoinGecko Launches “Beam” to Improve Crypto Transparency

CoinGecko Beam Officially Launched

Today, we at CoinGecko are proud to share “Beam” – our latest product feature that will improve transparency amongst blockchain projects. We are especially proud to be working with 87 token projects and 12 exchanges that are the launch partners for CoinGecko Beam.

By providing a new communication channel through which to post project updates, CoinGecko Beam allows verified administrators of tokens and exchanges to engage directly with the wider crypto community.

CoinGecko Beam is available at and also on our iOS and Android mobile app. There, you can see multiple project updates in one single, unified interface. With the launch of Beam, you can easily follow and receive short project updates from multiple token teams, without having to search through social media and project blogs.

Screenshot: CoinGecko Beam Feed

Updates contributed by teams are made available via the CoinGecko API, CoinGecko Beam RSS, and CoinGecko Beam Widget. CoinGecko Beam launches today with 4 other crypto apps integrating the CoinGecko Beam API into their websites and apps. This integration increases CoinGecko Beam’s reach to more than 2 million monthly unique users. We would like to thank CryptoID, CoinMarketAppCrypto Market Cap, and CoinTrendz for successfully integrating our API. We are looking forward to discussing, with other developers, the integration of our CoinGecko Beam API.

Screenshot: CoinGecko Beam Widget

Upon Beam’s launch, TM Lee, CEO of CoinGecko, said, “CoinGecko Beam is a major feature that we hope will improve communications and transparency in the crypto community. This industry is riddled with misinformation, and project teams find it hard to stand out from all the communication clutter. We are committed to building tools that support the growth of the blockchain industry to make it more transparent via verified information sources.”

Thomas Schouten, Head of Marketing of Lisk, one of the cryptocurrencies featured in CoinGecko Beam, said, “We are very happy that CoinGecko is taking this initiative to improve transparency and project visibility in the blockchain ecosystem. CoinGecko has proven to be a great additional channel for us to connect with LSK token holders, as well as watchers, we are excited to see how Beam will develop.”

Curis Wang, CEO of the Bitrue exchange, said, “In this bearish market, we need good indicators to track teams’ progress and differentiate between strong and weak teams. CoinGecko Beam is a good way for crypto followers to track progress. We appreciate CoinGecko for providing such a tool for exchanges like us to share updates with the community.”

We would like to take the opportunity to thank the following cryptocurrencies and exchange teams for being forward-looking and participating in our launch:

Cryptocurrencies: Ontology, Zcash, Decred, Lisk, Nano, DigiByte, Aelf, Quarkchain, Stratis, Syscoin,, Groestlcoin, Zcoin, Horizen, MaidSafeCoin, Monero, Wanchain, Peercoin, Fantom, PundiX, Appcoins, Airbloc, Airswap, Mithril, LBRY Credits, Smartcash, UTRUST, Spacechain, Streamr DATAcoin, Zclassic, IOStoken, IQeon, Bridge Protocol, DADI, Request Network, Viberate, Cindicator, Lympo, Marcelo, ColossusXT, Byteball Bytes, BitBay, Auxilium, WeTrust, Mothership, Linda, Stakenet, Solarcoin, ImmVRse, OriginTrail, Netkoin, FansTime, Epic, EUNO, Keyco, DACash, DAPS Token, Epin Token, ShopZcoin, Clearcoin, ZelCash, DIMCOIN, HelloGold, Tokes Platform, ContentBox, Moonlight Lux, Lethean, Radium, Emerald Crypto, Coffeecoin, Kind Ads Token, Likecoin, Lightyears, Connect, WandX, GIVES, Absolute, Geldum, Axe, Electronero, PrimeStone, Tavittcoin, Xchange, Graphcoin, Dowcoin, PACcoin, Internet of People

Exchanges: Bitrue, Huobi, ZBG, Indodax, Tokenomy, Cryptology, TradeSatoshi, CoinTiger, Bitto, Switcheo,, CoinEgg

If your favourite cryptocurrency is not yet part of Beam, ask your team administrators to fill up this form or contact us at to start the verification process. Crypto is all about community, and we believe it is important for us all to play a role in growing this ecosystem together. We are looking for ways to improve blockchain transparency, and Beam is the first step in achieving our goal.

We would love to hear your feedback about what you think of CoinGecko Beam and how we can improve it. Let us know what you think in the comment section below or drop us a tweet @coingecko or a message in our Telegram group.

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